Asperger Syndrome Behavior

Someone who exhibits Asperger Syndrome behavior will not generally have the abilities to behave the way most people are used to in the general population. Differences in this behavior, especially children’s, is explained below.

You may see a child who has Asperger’s syndrome behavior have difficulty when interacting with others. They are often awkward in many social situations. Even though a child who has Asperger’s does try to make friendships but they have trouble making friends because of this social awkwardness. Because of this Asperger’s syndrome behavior these children rarely completely grow out of this social behavior.

Another Asperger’s syndrome behavior you might find in children is development of repetitive movements. This would be an Asperger’s syndrome behavior such as finger twisting or hand wringing. Often there will be routines or rituals that will be developed that the A.S. person refuses to change or to stop. An example of this would be putting on clothes in a certain order or shampooing your hair last.

Communication difficulties might be another Asperger’s syndrome behavior that someone will notice quite frequently. Often someone with Asperger’s syndrome won’t make direct eye contact when they are speaking with another person. They also may have trouble exhibiting any facial expressions or gestures when speaking with someone, nor do they show any understanding of body language. Another symptom of Asperger syndrome behavior might also be that they have problems when it comes to understanding language used in context.

Within the Asperger’s syndrome behavior there can be exhibited a very limited range of interest. You might see a child with Asperger’s syndrome has developed an intense, obcessive interest in a limited amount of things. This interest might possibly manifest itself with an interest in only one object. Like an obcessive need for knowledge in one particular thing, for example: only maps of Texas or only green mailboxes in New Jersey.

If you see a child or person afflicted with Asperger syndrome behavior difficulties you might be seeing coordination problems. The limb movements of a child with Asperger’s syndrome might also appear clumsy or awkward. At times these children might also exhibit the Asperger syndrome behavior of jerking and body postures. Many of these children may also have trouble with their handwriting skills due to the lack of hand coordination they are able to maintain.

For a rundown of the above: someone exhibiting Asperger’s syndrome behavior will often have limited and very focused interests, they will do best with fixed routines and dislike change and they could lack coordination, have unusual gestures, facial expressions, and be somewhat clumsy. They might also have trouble with writing.

But for all their behavior difficulties, many A.S. children are very skilled and talented. These children exhibit normal to above normal intelligence and are extraordinarily talented in a certain area, like music or math.

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