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Do you have trouble with the diet of your Asperger Syndrome child? There has been some recent research showing that diet can help Asperger’s Syndrome. This is done especially by eliminating Gluten and Casien from the diet. For those who might not know what Gluten or Casien actually is, I have added information about this and how to accomplish this below. In a gluten-free casein-free diet (or GFCF diet) eliminate the intake of gluten found in wheat, barley and rye as well as casein which is found in milk.

It is said that starting the GFCF diet for your Asperger syndrome child can be overwhelming. Doing this in stages is fine. The idea is to have success and not frustration. When you feel confident, then move on to the next stage or food. It is suggested it is best to also avoid additives, artificial colors, flavors, preservatives and flavor enhancers. If your Asperger syndrome child is hyperactive you might also reduce sugar, chocolate, sweets and fizzy drinks. Buying fresh or frozen food and avoiding tinned, ready prepared, take away food and packaged foods also eliminates chemicals and additives.

First remove all milk-based products from the Aspergen syndrome child’s diet. This would include milk, butter, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, Pediasure, formulas. Use rice, almond or potato milk. Avoid Soy as a total replacement for milk due to the possible erosion of the esophagus, stomach and upper intestine. Add a calcium supplement. Do this for 2 weeks. Next find five breakfast foods that your child will eat that are completely GFCF. Look at labels, ask around and look on the internet to find out what is gluten free/casein free. A few ideas might be: Cascadian Farms brand hash browns, Cream of Rice, Cream of Buckwheat, Frozen GFCF waffles, Real Maple syrup. Or you could make your own dishes. Integrate these items for 1 week into the diet of your Aspergen syndrome child.

Keep the 5 foods that you’ve found for breakfast. Now find five lunch foods that your Aspergen syndrome child will eat that are GFCF. Some suggestions might be: Fritos, Lays chips, Cascadian Farms French Fries, Boars Head Meats, Tostitos, Fresh fruit. Keep these five lunch foods along with the breakfast five. Now you need to find 5 foods for your Aspergen syndrome child to eat for dinner that are GFCF also. Suggestions for this might be: meats, rice or potatoes, vegetables, use broth instead of milk to cook sauces, corn, homemade chicken nuggets with French fries.

These are just the basics to get you started in a GFCF diet for your Aspergen syndrome child. There are many more recipes and ideas online as well as instructions on adjusting the diet even further.

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The Parenting Aspergers Resource Guide Volume 2

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