How to Manage Asperger Syndrome and Alcohol

Do you know someone who has Asperger Syndrome or someone who hasn’t been diagnosed but has symptoms similar? Often that person has had a hard time interacting with other people or the public they come in contact with or that public contact comes back to them in the form of mistreatment or ridicule. If you see this behavior and think someone you know has an alcohol problem because of it. Please do take the time to read on.

Because of this there is a growing concern that there might be a link to autism and alcohol. The research linking alcohol to autism and Asperger Syndrome is still growing. There are people out there who don’t know they have Asperger Syndrome but they also have a hard time acknowledging the fact that they use alcohol. A correct diagnosis for a person is a critical first step in understanding their condition and maintaining good long term health care.

Often with someone that has Asperger Syndrome the initial problem starts when they are young. This is a condition that as a child or teen growing up they are most often singled out as being very different. As a result of this difference most young people are treated with taunts, bullying, and other forms of mistreatment. This makes the person with Asperger Syndrome often feel bad about themselves and looking for ways to cope with their day to day life.

When a person struggling with Asperger Syndrome gets to the point that they are struggling to go through each day, it can be an easy choice to turn to alcohol. Alcohol is easily available and most people do see it as an acceptable form of lifestyle. In the United States in 2006, 61 percent of the population drank alcohol and of those 33% drank more than 5 drinks at least once in that year. That makes it an easy item to choose if someone with Asperger Syndrome were looking at a way to get relief.

Often, the way someone with Asperger Syndrome will find their way out of a problem with alcohol is the same way someone without Asperger Syndrome finds their way out of their drinking problem. It is done first by recognizing they have a problem with alcohol and next by seeking help in stopping their abuse. This can be help from friends and family or it can include help and assistance by a program tailored specifically for that need.

If you think someone you know might have Asperger Syndrome or an alcohol problem, or both, there are many local agencies’ that offer help and assistance or can direct you to someone who can help. Don’t let someone you know suffer needlessly.

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